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Such great guys and gals (that is the policemen, policewomen AND my REAL HEROS...the police dogs), out there every day serving & protecting us all. Of course we are especially proud of those that we have worked with here at the Advance Canine Academy. 

Quintus Cave Canem with
Harry P Barraclough, Jr.
Quintus and Officer Barraclough have been partners since November 2000. Quintus is trained in tracking, bad guy apprehension and drug detection. His first major find, just one month post-training, was 194 grams of powder cocaine with a street value of $19,000.
Rex with Jeff Johnson
In April 1996, Officer Johnson joined the Cookeville City Police Department in Cookeville, TN.  In April of 1999 Officer Johnson was assigned to the K-9 Division. Rex is his second K-9 partner and they have been working together since September 1999.
Mascotti is a Malinois. In July 2000, he joined the Vigo County Sheriff's Department in Terre Haute, IN. He is trained for police duties such as patrol, tracking, criminal apprehension, narcotic detection & handler protection.
Erny Z Lintichu CS
with Mike Mayne
Erny was purchased from Czechoslovakia in May 1999. After successfully completing certifications in patrol and narcotics detection, Erny & Officer Mayne were assigned to the patrol, midnight shift. During the first month, Erny developed a life threatening illness. After a full recovery, Erny & Officer Mayne accomplished a very successful first year together, locating more than fifteen felony suspects & over twenty narcotics finds. While assisting Federal Officers, one of their cash seizures was $15,000.
UPDATE: Sadly, Erny was killed in the line of duty. We know he will be greatly missed by both Officer Mayne, the Escambia County Sheriff's Office & the law abiding citizens of Escambia County.

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