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Wow! Where to begin! First let me say there is no one...no one in the whole wide world that I'd rather live with than GENE ENGLAND! (And Verice too of course!) 
Its been said by humans that Gene was a dog in a former life...most of us dogs, those that have lived with Gene or 
have been trained by Gene agree!
They say that Gene had two major loves in his life...dogs and football. Unfortunately, a car accident ended Gene's future hope of a professional football career. (Gene even played for the legendary Coach Bear Bryant!) In 1968 while at Western Kentucky University with a part time construction job, he was asked if he would have his German Shepherd protect the construction building at night. $80.00 a week was the beginning of Gene's new business!
K-9 Security Patrol, Inc.
Before Gene left WKU, he had 22 trained security dogs leased out in Bowling Green, KY.
Soon, he expanded to include boarding, grooming, obedience, home protection, problem solving with dogs (including police dogs). Although a natural with this work, Gene never stopped learning. He has continued to further educate himself in the theories and principals of dog and human behavior. As Gene has always said:
"Reinhard Lindner was the most impressive trainer I have have ever met. He had the uncanny ability to understand and read the dog and handler in a matter of minutes."

Gene must have learned a great deal from Reinhard as well as other trainers because I've heard that said about him too! In fact, I've heard many call Gene the "Dog Whisperer".

Next page more about Gene's background, Police Dogs and some of his philosophies. I also want to tell you about him and Schutzhund! (Told you I knew a lot of stuff about Gene!)!

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