Thank you for stopping by! Advance Canine Academy, Inc., 670 Spears Road, Scottsville, Kentucky, is owned and operated by Gene and Verice England. This website has been done at the request of our customers. Our business has always been by word of mouth. In keeping with today's technology, we have decided to honor this request for a web site. We encourage you to use the response form, email or call us anytime. We welcome your comments &/or suggestions!

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Hi! My name is RUFF! No, I'm not one of the police dogs that Gene & Verice train nor do I often get worked in Schutzhund (haha), but I do sorta look after things around here. You see I know a whole lotta stuff about Gene, about Verice AND about the dogs we have for sale. I also know all about our school, our classes and our  programs.
Actually I'm a walking encyclopedia about our Advance Canine Academy and as such I've been asked to be your Website Tour Guide. (is there no END to the things I do around here!?!?!)
Oops, almost forgot to introduce Nessie - she's another permanent fixture around here and accordingly I promised her a spot on our introductory page...
"Hi everyone & welcome to Advance Canine Academy!
If Ruff doesn't tell you everything you need to know, just drop me a note at the address below - I'll get back to you ASAP! Just don't tell Ruff I said so. Thanks...Nessie"
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